Effective development can be achieved if officers work with dedication: Chief Minister


Mysore, November 05, 2023:

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah appreciated the combined efforts and distribution of tasks done by the district level officials in making Dasara a success without any complaints from the public.

He congratulated everyone who contributed to the success of Dasara at a party organized for the district level officials.

Effective development is possible if officers work with dedication. If the officers mingle with the people, their popularity will also increase. They can understand people’s problem as well. The CM suggested that problems can be resolved effectively when it is understood properly.

Dasara is a festival of people. Hence people's participation is very important. The Celebration was successful this time too. He called to hold preliminary meetings with the people and make Dasara more meaningful in the next year.

Development is possible only when the officials have real concern towards people. There was no development in Mysore during last five years. Therefore, the CM instructed to prepare a blueprint for the development of the entire Mysore district.

Nalwadi Urs Model:

The glory of development of the past should be revived in Mysore. The development made by Nalwadi Krishnaraja wodeyar and Devaraj Urs in the fields of irrigation, agriculture, social welfare should be model for us, he said.

Let all development work including welfare be a model for us. He said that the glory of the development of his time should be repeated in the district.

Mysore should be No.1:

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah set a target to the district officials to take Mysore to the number one position in development.

Mysore should become No.1 in development in all sectors including education, health, rural development, urban development and social welfare. You can achieve this target. The CM requested cooperation from everybody in this regard.

During the occasion, District In-charge Minister HC Mahadevappa congratulated all the officials for the collective effort and suggested that same efforts should be shown while delivering the government programmes to the people.