International Acclaim for our government’s Kshreera Bhagya scheme: Chief Minister


(Madhugiri, Tumkur) September 06, 2023:

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that for the mental and physical fitness of the children of the State, the Ksheera Bhagya scheme  has been implemented and more than 54 lakh children have nutritious food every day and it has received immense appreciation at the international level.

He was speaking after  inaugurating the 10th anniversary celebration of Ksheera Bhagya organized by Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation  and District Cooperative Milk Producers Union in Madhugiri.

Children can be healthy and educated only if they are mentally and physically fit. Ksheera Bhagya was implemented keeping in view the welfare of the poor and middle class children of all castes and religions.

We have provided nutritious food to lakhs  of children every day for ten years. He explained that this project which is  our pride has won international acclaim.

When we have designed a program that would benefit the lives of the poor and the middle class, the BJP tried to spoil the program. He criticized Prime Minister Modi himself for lying that the state would become financially bankrupt due to our pro-poor programmes.

The Chief Minister questioned whether the country's economy would not be damaged if Ambani and Adani were given privileges by Prime Minister Modi.

Home Minister G. Parameshwar, Cooperation Minister K. N. Rajanna, Animal Husbandry Minister K. Venkatesh, KMF President Bhimanayka, MLAs  Ranganath, Shadakshari were present.

Highlights of the speech:

- The price of milk per liter has been increased by Rs 3 to benefit the cattle rearers and farmers.

- Shoe  bhagya scheme for school children was announced in Madhugiri.

- I didn't wear sandals until I went to high school. Shoe Bhagya was implemented as I did not want children to undergo the same situation.

- The BJP cheated the people of the district by not giving adequate funds to the Yettinhole  project.

- The previous BJP government did not fund the Upper Bhadra project. The central government is not agreeing to our demand that it should be declared as a national project.

- I will definitely look into K.N Rajanna's demand to make Madhugiri a district.

- I am assuring that we will construct a ropeway on the monolith hill in Madhugiri which is famous in Asia.

- If we lose Rajanna politically,  it will be a huge loss to the people of Madhugiri. Rajanna has worked towards the development of the poor.